Comprehensive department

Comprehensive Ward

The comprehensive oncology ward is oriented to surgery, featuring tumor diagnosis, surgery, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and radiotherapy with outstanding professional advantages. A multidisciplinary oncology team is established to conduct comprehensive evaluation of tumors according to patients disease conditions, pathological characteristics, immunohistochemistry and genetic testing, and to develop individualized whole-process management and follow-up plans, so as to provide patients with personalized and precise treatment.

At the same time, thanks to the medical service system of the First Chengmei Medical Industry Group with two places and three hospitals in one network, a green channel is opened with Boao Super Hospital, allowing patients to enjoy the latest global pharmaceuticals and international advanced treatment without going abroad.

The department will build a “mobile surgery platform” to attract top medical teams at home and abroad and provide experts with safe and convenient multi-point practice services, and provide patients with professional, efficient and safe medical services.