Niu Tiehong

health manager, psychological consultant

Specializes in Cadre Health Care Management, Health Checkup Management

Introduction of the expert

Niu Tiehong, Director of the Health Management Center, the health manager,psychological consultant, graduated from Guangdong Pharmaceutical University with the major of Health Service Management . She has been engaged in cadre health care and health examination management for a long time. She specializes in cadre health care management, VIP customer health checkup management, and service management. She has set up the medical security working group for the annual meeting of Boao Forum for Asia and served as the on-site director for 20 years; has set up the medical security working group for the first China Consumer Goods Expo and served as the on-site director; has participated and organized medical treatment, consultation, hospitalization, consultation and other medical care work for health care recipients in Hainan Province for many years. 

Academic association appointment

Humanistic medicine training expert of expert pool of Humanistic medicine branch of Hainan Medical Association
Member of the 2nd Committee of Health Care Physicians Branch of Hainan Medical Association
Executive Director of Health Management Profession Committee of Hainan Medical Association
Youth Civilization Tutor of Hainan Province
Civil servant recruitment interviewer of Hainan Province

Papers and works

Published 5 management papers.