Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

In order to better provide members with warm, comfortable and safe membership services, meet the reasonable needs of members, effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of members, and clarify respective rights and obligations of each part, according to the Civil Code of the Peoples Republic of China and other relevant laws and regulations, Party A and Party B hereby signed this Agreement on matters related to Party A to join the membership of Hainan Chengmei Hospital on the basis of equality, voluntariness, fairness, honesty and credit, the contents of which are as follows:

1. Party A shall be entitled to the corresponding medical and health management services by virtue of this Agreement and the membership card issued under this Agreement.

2. According to relevant standards of rights and obligations of membership of Hainan Chengmei Hospital, both parties hereto have fully demonstrated and understood each others existing member services and projects of Hainan Chengmei Hospital, and hereby enter into this Agreement.

3. Hainan Chengmei Hospital takes the real name registration system for membership, and Party A would accept the medical and health management services of Hainan Chengmei Hospital voluntarily.

4. If the rights and obligations of members are adjusted due to external market environment factors or other factors, the relevant supplementary agreement can be signed by both parties to confirm or directly implement the adjusted standard approved by both parties, and both the supplementary agreement and the adjusted standard are of the same legal effect as this Agreement.

5. Within one working day after Party B receives all the membership fees, Party As exclusive health housekeeper will cooperate with Party A to open the card and issue the voucher according to Party As requirements; in case of non-working days, the receipt voucher will be postponed to next working day for issuance.

6. Party A could enjoy the relevant rights and obligations that have been explained in detail by Hainan Chengmei Hospital, if there is any change on the relevant rights and obligations of the standard, the latest version shall be recognized as the implementation standard.

7. The membership card is not a value-storing card, once sold, it would not be refunded, while the owner could report the loss after opening the card, and It is not transferable, giftable or inheritable.

8. Party A shall enjoy the rights of the services promised by Party B on the premise of performing its obligations as agreed herein.

9. Party A shall truthfully fill in the application form and ensure the effective information and means of receiving the notification from Party B. If the residence address, telephone number or other important information is changed, Party A shall timely notify the exclusive health housekeeper so as not to affect the rights and interests of Party A and the viability of membership.

10. Party A shall read and understand the functions, services, charging standards and other relevant contents and cautions provided by Party B. Medical treatment and health management services other than those covered by members rights and benefits are self-funded.

11. Party B shall be obliged to provide Party A with member medical services in accordance with the member rights and interests and service items to which Party A is entitled.

12. Party B is completely aware of the importance of personal information to Party A. Therefore, Party B attaches great importance to the protection of Party As personal information and treats and handles Party As personal information with a high degree of prudence. Without authorization of Party A, Party B shall not disclose Party As archives, health management reports, and health conditions related to physical examination and maintenance of members and their family members to any third party.

13. Party B shall actively cooperate with all health management services arranged for Party A according to its needs.

14. Party B would collect fees receivable from Party A as agreed in this Agreement.

15. Party B shall notify Party A of the notices (including members rights and interests, member regulations, service activities, preferential information, etc.) in accordance with the effective way Party As exclusive health manager receives the agreement and the subsequent notices.

16. The Agreement shall come into force after being signed and sealed by both parties. Each party shall hold one copy of the Agreement, and Party A could enjoy the relevant rights and interests of members after paying all membership fees.

17. If it is needed to modify the rights and interests of members, the services of members and the articles of association of members, Party B shall notify Party A two weeks in advance and the modified agreement shall be implemented as of the following month.

18. If Party A fails to pay the membership fee after the membership period expires, Party A will not be able to enjoy the membership rights and interests temporarily. After paying the membership fee for the next membership period, Party A could continue to enjoy the membership rights and interests.

19. The final interpretation of these terms and conditions belongs to Hainan Chengmei Hospital.