Ye Xiongjun

Chief Physician

Diagnosis and treatment of renal cancer, urothelial cancer, prostate cancer, urothelial cancer and other diseases

Introduction of the expert

Chief physician, professor, doctoral supervisor

Medical specialty

Specializes in robotic and laparoscopic minimally invasive surgery and integrated treatment of urinary tumors. Has accumulated rich experience in renal preservation surgery for complex renal tumors, huge adrenal tumor surgery, radical prostatectomy for nerve preservation, and orthotopic bladder neoplasty. Could provide all-round guidance and consultation services for urinary system health.

Academic position

Member of CUA Robotics Group

Member of CUDA Restoration and Reconstruction Group

Member of CSCO Renal/Urothelial Carcinoma Committee

Expert of writing team of CUA Prostate Cancer Guideline

Expert of writing team of CSCO Urothelial Carcinoma Guideline

Vice Chairman of Urology Branch of Chinese Sexology Association

Deputy Chairman of the Youth Committee of Urology Surgery Department, Chinese Research Hospital

Member of Medical Robot Professional Committee of Chinese Society of Automation

Member of Endoscopy Society of Chinese Medical Promotion Association

Deputy Director of Urinary Cancer Youth Committee, Beijing Anti-Cancer Association

Deputy Director of Urological Surgery Youth Committee of Beijing Health Promotion Association

Standing Director of Rrological Branch of Beijing Medical Doctor Association

Member of Digital urology Group, Urological Surgery Society, Beijing Medical Association

Member of the special Committee of Urinary Cancer, Beijing Cancer Society

Papers and works

Corresponding Editorial Board of Chinese Journal of Urology

Editorial Board of Journal of Urology for Clinicians (electronic edition)

Editor of Chinese Edition of BJU International

Editor of Chinese Edition of Current Opinion in Urology