Wang Fangfang

Attending physician

Specializes in Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine for the adjuvant treatment of tumor patients, improving patients' immunity, reducing the side effects of tumor radiotherapy, treating tumor complications, preventing tumor recurrence and metastasis, and relieving patients' pains and sufferings by using various therapies such as internal decoctions, moxibustion, and external treatments with traditional Chinese medicines. 

Introduction of the expert

Wang Fangfang, Deputy Director of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, attending physician, masters degree, attending physician of the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, graduated from Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, masters degree in Chinese medicine. She owns solid theoretical background in TCM and 10 years of clinical experience in TCM.

Academic association appointment

Member of the First Session of the Cancer Health Professional Committee of Hainan Anti-Cancer Association 
Member of the Youth Committee of the Fifth Committee of the Science Popularization Branch of Hainan Provincial Medical Association