【Famous TCM Doctor Visit Preview】Professor Yin Xiaodong Will Offer Medical Consultation in Our Hospital on Apr. 8

Release time:2024-04-02
On the Apr. 8, Professor Yin Xiaodong, a famous TCM doctor, will offer medical consultation in Hainan Cancer Hospital and Hainan Chengmei Hospital to solve difficult and complicated diseases for patients. Patients in need are suggested to make an appointment quickly.

Introduction of the doctor


【Introduction of the expert】

Professor Yin Xiaodong, Chief Physician of Traditional Chinese Medicine (specializing in Traditional Chinese Medicine outpatient services), graduated in 1997 from Heilongjiang College of Chinese Medicine with a major in Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine; Studied under the guidance of Internal Medicine expert Yu Caizhen and Traditional Chinese Medicine Gynecology specialist Duan Jinglan.

In 2003, under the supervision of mentor Xie Ning, he went to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine to study prescription formulation with renowned oncologist Qian Bowen and renowned TCM master Liu Jiaxiang.

In 2013, under the guidance of mentor Hua Baojin, he underwent a systematic study on traditional Chinese medicine treatment of tumors at the Oncology Treatment Center of the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences Guanganmen Hospital, receiving mentorship for one year.


【Diagnosis and treatment characteristics】

Professor Yin Xiaodong is rather specialized in the treatment of tumors, lung nodules, breast nodules, thyroid nodules, gout, kidney disease and other internal diseases, especially in the use of traditional Chinese medicine to inhibit recurrence and metastasis of tumors after surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and is of an abundant experience in relieving the symptoms of patients with middle- and late-stage tumors, alleviating their pain, improving their quality of life, and promoting the recovery of their organisms.


【Consultation information】

Visiting time

April 8, 2024

Please follow WeChat official account of Hainan Cancer Hospital to obtain the follow-up visit time

Appointment Method

Operation Procedure: Scan the code to enter the "Hainan Cancer Hospital Internet Hospital" small program→Register for Appointment→Chinese Medicine Outpatient Clinic (Chinese Medicine Special Needs Outpatient)→Select Chief Physician Yin Xiaodong→Select Consultation Period→Add Patient Information→Complete Appointment

Location of visit

Traditional Chinese Medicine Department, the 10th Consultation Area, 2nd floor, Outpatient Clinic, Hainan Chengmei Hospital