Medical Enterprises in Hong Kong and Hainan Join Hands to Develop New Channels for Medical Services for Insurance Customers

Release time:2023-09-06
On September 4th, Hainan Cheng Mei Hospital signed a cooperation agreement with Hong Kong Hukang Group to provide Hong Kong commercial health insurance customers with quality medical services in the Mainland, opening up a new channel for health insurance interoperability between Hong Kong and Hainan. Mr. Shi Yaohui, Secretary of the Party Committee and Executive Director of Hainan Cancer Hospital, Mr. Chen Jianzhong, Founder of Hong Kong Hukang Group, and Mr. Li Gaofeng, General Manager of HaiBao Life Insurance Company Limited attended the signing ceremony.

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The partnership aims to expand new, convenient and quality healthcare services for Hong Kong residents and Mainland customers who purchase commercial health insurance in Hong Kong. Hong Kong Mutual Health Group is a leading company specializing in providing healthcare services to Hong Kong, Mainland China and international insurance organizations, with a wide range of insurance clients and healthcare resources. This is the first time for the company to expand the medical market in Hainan.

The cooperation includes providing direct payment of insurance claims for Hong Kong and Mainland health insurance customers who purchase health insurance in Hong Kong when they seek medical treatment at the Hainan Cancer Hospital and the Hainan Chengmei Hospital, a fast green service channel for health insurance customers to seek medical treatment, and services such as remote on-line health counseling and guidance on medical treatment.

Mr. Shi Yaohui introduced the developing status of Hainan Cancer Hospital and Hainan Chengmei Hospital. Hainan Chengmei Hospital is the first high-quality hospital in Hainan Free Trade Port that was designed, built and operated in accordance with the standard of international "3H" hospital(HOSPITAL - medical technology specialization, HOTEL - hotel standard service, HOME - space with home experience), with advanced equipment and delicate environment, and referring to foreign high-end medical service standards, it is the first hospital that introduced the nursing housekeeper model, providing non-accompanied service throughout the medical treatment.

To promote this cooperation, Mr. Chen Jianzhong, founder of Hong Kong Hukang Group, made a special trip to Hainan Chengmei Hospital for a medical experience including a gastroenteroscopy. Mr. Chen introduced that Hong Kong residents and high-end mainland customers seeking medical services in Hong Kong have higher requirements for the medical environment and diagnosis and treatment services, and after experiencing the medical service in Hainan Chengmei Hospital, he said that "the hospital environment and service are just as good as Hong Kong hospitals." Mr. Chen said that he improved the preliminary examination on the same day of being hospitalized, and made an appointment for a gastroenteroscopy on the next day. He said that in Hong Kong, they usually have to wait for a long time for an appointment for gastroenteroscopy, and the examination fee is rather high, while in Hainan, gastroenteroscopy fee is several times lower than that of Hong Kong.

Through this medical experience, Mr. Chen Jianzhong believes that the cooperation between the two sides is “significantly prospective”. He said that there are three major advantages of domestic medical services over Hong Kong: the first one is convenience, with accessible examination with short waiting time, it is very convenient to seek medical treatment.  It is convenient especially for mainland customers; the second one is price advantage, which can save a lot of costs and expenses for customers and insurance organizations; thirdly, the medical environment of Hainan Chengmei Hospital, the medical equipment is advanced and complete, the medical technology is very professional, and the quality of service is very good, which can fully satisfy the needs of Hong Kong residents and high-end mainland customers.

Mr. Chen Jianzhong said that with the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port, especially after the sealing operation, the business and trade exchanges and the in-depth cooperation of various industries between Hong Kong and Hainan will be closer, and the layout in Hainan high-end medical services market will certainly form a win-win situation for the promotion of the development of high-end medical care in the Free Trade Port, as well as to meet the needs of insurance customers and insurance institutions for health services.

Lv Yonghong, Vice President of Hainan Cancer Hospital, Yu Changlin, Head of Product Actuarial Department and Zhang Guochang, General Manager of Business Development Department of HaiBao Life Insurance Company Limited, Guo Weimin, General Manager of Hainan GaoFu Holiday Business and Travel Service Co., Ltd, Ren Jing, Financial Director of Hainan Chengmei Hospital, and Cui Yan, Deputy General Manager of Hainan Chengmei International Health Management Center Co., Ltd., etc., attended the discussion jointly.

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General Manager Li Gaofeng

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Text and pictures from Liang Shan and Li Hongyi