The Health Management Exchange Meeting of Provincial Insurance Industry Association Was Held in Our Hospital

Release time:2023-09-11
On September 8, the Health Management Exchange Meeting of Hainan Insurance Industry Association was held in Hainan Chengmei Hospital. More than 50 middle and senior managers from the provincial insurance industry association and more than 20 insurance organizations attended the meeting.

With the growing medical and health needs of the people and the deepening of the reform of the social security system, the scale of our insurance business has been expanding, the residents awareness of insurance has been increasing, and the insurance industry has become an important part of the national economy and the peoples health. In order to further promote the attempted cooperation with various insurance organizations and provide more diversified health management services for all patients and insurance customers, Hainan Cancer Hospital and Hainan Chengmei Hospital, together with Hainan Provincial Insurance Industry Association, jointly organized this exchange activity.

Secretary of the Party Committee and Executive President of Hainan Cancer Hospital and President of Hainan Chengmei Hospital delivered a welcome speech. He introduced in detail the development of talents, discipline construction, advanced equipments, foreign cooperation and international service concept, humanized medical environment and integrated development of "prevention, treatment and health" of tumor in Provincial Cancer Hospital and Hainan Chengmei Hospital. He said that the peoples basic needs for health are getting higher and higher, the party and the government pay more and more attention to the peoples health services, and commercial insurance is an efficient supplement and an important support for medical insurance from the actual needs of diagnosis and treatment of major oncology diseases and chronic diseases in the elderly. Therefore, the deep integration of insurance institutions and medical units will certainly realize a win-win and mutually beneficial for the government, the people and the enterprises. He expected that we can deepen understanding and interaction through in-depth talks and exchanges, and make joint efforts to find and expand new service tracks.

Li Yan, Secretary-general of the Hainan Insurance Association, introduced the states initiatives to promote the high-quality development of healthcare integration through increasing insurance support, as well as laying their focus on enhancing the ability of insurance organizations to serve the construction of Hainans FTIP industry, the real economy, as well as special industries such as healthcare, pension, and tourism. He said that, driven by multiple policy support and other factors, the combination of commercial insurance and healthcare is gradually becoming an innovative insurance service model.

Gecretary-seneral Li hoped that insurance organizations would actively explore the establishment of a "one-stop" health management and claim settlement service model, so as to effectively enhance the experience and sense of gain of insurance customers.

Combined with his own service experience of health examination in Hainan Chengmei Hospital, Gecretary-seneral Li highly praised the high-level environment, advanced equipments and high-quality services of the hospital. He said that Hainan Chengmei Hospital truly embodies the quality of internationalized high-quality medical care in the Free Trade Port and the experience of dignified medical services of the people.

Lv Yonghong, Vice President of Hainan Cancer Hospital, presided over the exchange activity and introduced the diagnosis and treatment characteristics and service features of Hainan Chengmei Hospital comprehensively and systematically from nine aspects including special medical treatment, expert team and member services.

"Health starts with the heart and protecting your blood vessels is protecting your health." Professor Zheng Yin, Vice President of Hainan Chengmei Hospital and a well-known cardiovascular expert in Hainan, shared the knowledge of "prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases". Do you know the total length of the arterial and venous blood vessels in your body? Professor Zheng profound medical knowledge and interesting explanation deeply attracted every guest in the audience, who not only listened attentively, but also kept lifting up their cell phones to take photos of each section of the lecture.

"Things about Gastrointestinal Polyps and Cancer" Hainan Cancer Hospital, Professor Zhao Xinkai, Director of Gastroenterology Department and endoscopy room, well-known endoscopy and gastroenterology experts in Hainan Province, narrated those "past life" of gastrointestinal polyps and gastrointestinal cancers attractively with his distinctive, magnetic "baritone voice". He concluded by reminding that nowadays the technology of gastroenteroscopy and painless examination is very excellent, its no need to be afraid of gastroenteroscopy, it will bring you unexpected benefits!

Professor Qin Qingliang, radiotherapy expert of Hainan Chengmei Hospital, introduced the current international cutting-edge radiotherapy equipment introduced by the hospital and Hainans unique "Quick Blade" non-invasive tumor treatment technology. The "Quick Blade" is known in the industry as a "magic weapon for cancer treatment" with the advantages of non-invasiveness, high efficiency, speed, precision, safety, etc., and has the "miraculous power" of "exterminating tumors in the form of invisible tumors" for many benign and malignant solid tumors of the cranium, brain, and lungs.

Professor Qin Qingliang is the former Director of Oncology Radiotherapy Department of Dongfang Hospital (Shanghai Oriental Hospital) affiliated with Tongji University. He has been engaged in clinical medical work for 40 years, and has studied Stereotactic Radiotherapy (SBRT, SRS) technology and Speed Blade (EDGE) manipulation skills in Henry Ford Medical Center in the U.S.A. He is good at applying the new technology of Stereotactic Radiotherapy (SBRT, SRS) and specializes in treating six categories of extremely complicated tumor diseases, such as early stage small lung cancers (nodules), metastases in lung, metastasis to the brain, brain benign tumors, recurrent nasopharyngeal cancers, and spinal (metastatic) tumors, etc. He is also an expert in the use of new technology of Stereotactic Radiotherapy.

Then, the participants visited Hainan Chengmei Hospital to experience the medical environment and medical equipment and VIP Physical Examination Center. Participants have expressed that through this health exchange activity, they have a brand new understanding of Hainan Cancer Hospital and Hainan Chengmei Hospital, especially benefited from the health management, and expressed their willingness to strengthen further in-depth cooperation.

This health exchange activity is coordinated and organized by Hainan Chengmei International Health Management Center and the management office of Hainan Chengmei Hospital.

Group photo taking


Text from Liang Shan and pictures from Li Hongyi