Our Hospital Held A Commendation Meeting on Teachers' Day

Release time:2023-09-11
Teachers are dedicated to building students’ dream and cultivating them to be useful people in the whole society. On the occasion of the 39th Teachers' Day, in the afternoon of September 8, Hainan Cancer Hospital and Hainan Chengmei Hospital held a Commendation Meeting on Teachers' Day, and a number of faculties and research institutes, teachers and instructors with outstanding performance in medical education and teaching work were honored.

We will continue to work hard to make progress. As a Triple A cancer hospital, Hainan Cancer Hospital has made great efforts in discipline construction, cultivating talents, strengthening clinical research, and realizing the synergistic development of "medical education and research", and has made remarkable progress. Over the years, the hospital has accelerated the establishment of various scientific research platforms such as Tropical Cancer Research Institute, central laboratory, academician team innovation Center, clinical medical Research Center for Liver disease and liver Critical Illness, and clinical trial Center for digital cancer therapy. The winning rate of provincial major science and technology programs, National Natural Science Foundation, Provincial Natural Science Foundation, and science and technology innovation projects has constantly made new breakthroughs; The Oncology and Nuclear Medicine Departments have been rated as Class I clinical key specialties in Hainan Province, and the departments of breast surgery, radiotherapy, gastrointestinal surgery, respiratory medicine and gastroenterology have ranked among the provincial advanced levels......

Medical education is an important cornerstone of the development of health care, our hospital follows the pace of the development of medical education in Hainan Medical College, keeping in mind the theme of modern vocational education, and has achieved fruitful results in cultivating talents. Provincial Cancer Hospital is a non-directly affiliated hospital of Hainan Medical College and a joint training base for postgraduates of Hainan University, with 75 faculty members and 22 postgraduate supervisors including 3 PhD supervisors, and has signed teaching cooperation agreements with 9 institutions. At present, we have trained 42 full-time masters degree students, and have set up seven teaching and research departments and one teaching and research group successively, accepting more than 500 interns to the hospital for internship and further study, and cultivating a batch of medical talents for the development of medical career in our province.

"Teachers grace is like a mountain, accompanying me on the road of medicine, it is your full enthusiasm that sprinkles the fire of wisdom, it is your profound knowledge that triggers my wisdom ......" The commendation conference was opened in the poem recitation entitled "Teachers Grace Is Like A Mountain, Accompanying Me on the Road of Medicine", and four young students thanked their teachers with simple and affectionate expressions.

Shi Yaohui, Secretary of the Party Committee and Executive President of the Hospital, on behalf of the Party and Government Leadership Team of the Hospital, extended sincere greetings to all teachers and educators in the Hospital, pa high respect to the faculty and staff who diligently adhere to their teaching positions both inside and outside of the hospital, and warmly congratulated the outstanding collectives and individuals who have been honored.

"With your silent dedication and efforts, you have enabled our hospital to forge ahead on the track of medical education and research to provide patients with higher quality medical services; you have won the recognition of the society and the trust of patients with your noble medical ethics and superb medical skills." Shi Yaohui fully affirmed the education and teaching work of our hospital.

Shi Yaohui pointed out that the hospital is currently in a critical period of rapid development, the only way to promote the high-quality development of the hospital is to create a hospital of high-level teaching. In order to better realize the inter-promotion of medicine and teaching, he hoped that teachers and educators would: firstly persevere and strengthen their learning in a comprehensive manner. Not only do we need to grasp the knowledge and the latest progress of our specialty, but we also need to familiarize ourselves with the history, knowledge system and research methods of our specialty, and learn sociology, humanities, pedagogy and knowledge of other fields, in order to continuously adapt to the requirements of teachers in the era of integrative medicine, and to grow up to be an "expert teacher"; secondly, we need to innovate on the basis of clinical practice. Innovation is the soul of "Science and Education Enhancing the Hospital", and it is an important force to promote the development of medical treatment, teaching and scientific research. The only way for all the faculty members to make greater achievements in the field of medical education and to better serve the society and benefit patients is to give full play to the spirit of "not only obey to pioneers, not only obey to books, but only obey to the truth", and to carry forward the courage to be the first in the world to provide better service and well-being to the society and all the people.

Wu Zhiyong, Vice President of Hainan Cancer Hospital and Executive Director of Hainan Chengmei Hospital, read out the commendation decision. The leaders of the hospital respectively awarded the winners of the schools excellent Teaching and Research Department, the schools excellent teachers, excellent tutors, the most beautiful teachers and winners of the young teachers basic teaching skills competition.

Yu Lijuan, Director of Medical Imaging Department of Hainan Cancer Hospital, spoke as the representative of excellent tutors. As a doctor supervisor with 19 years of teaching experience, she cultivated a lot of excellent students. She shared her thoughts and experience in academic research, discipline construction and other work over the years, shared the warm story of teaching and learning with students, and expressed her love and persistence to the work of medical education.

Dr. Zhang Zhao from Hainan Chengmei Hospital Geriatrics Clinic Center spoke as a representative of young teachers, she shared her learning and growth in the process of preparing for and participate in the basic teaching skill competition preparation, she said that medical education is never-ending, which will be in the future work of rigorous learning, innovation, hard work and enterprising, and constantly improve their own capabilities to make contribute to the development of the hospitals medical education.

Young teachers are an important part of the hospitals teaching team, and a potential source of development for the hospitals teaching and research career. In order to improve the teaching ability of teachers, and to sort out the teaching methods and ideas from work practice and theoretical learning, the commendation meeting invited Meng Fansheng, a physician of the Medical Imaging Department, who won the first place in the basic teaching competitions for young teachers, to make a sharing on the topic of "Theoretical Class of Practical Teaching".

Leaders of Hainan Cancer Hospital and Hainan Chengmei Hospital, as well as department directors and head nurses attended the commendation meeting. The meeting was chaired by Yang Shufen, Vice President of Hainan Cancer Hospital.

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Text from Chen Lin and pictures from Yang Enhao