Famous Doctor Appointment|Renowned Urologist Professor Ye Xiongjun, Renowned Urologist, Will Be Visiting on September 16

Release time:2023-09-13

Professor Ye Xiongjun

Chief Physician of Urology Department, Cancer Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Professor, Doctor tutor

Under the tutelage of academician Guo Yinglu, the leader of modern urology in China, Professor Ye Xiongjun specializes in minimally invasive robotic and laparoscopic surgery as well as comprehensive treatment of urological tumors. He has accumulated rich experience in renal preservation surgery for complex renal tumors, huge adrenal tumor surgery, radical prostatectomy for nerve preservation, and orthotopic bladder neoplasty. Could provide all-round guidance and consultation services for urinary system health.

In recent years, "three cancers of urology" represented by prostate cancer, bladder cancer and kidney cancer have become the urological malignant diseases with the fastest growing incidence rate in our country, seriously jeopardizing patients lives and health.

At present, with the rapid development of diagnosis and treatment technology, we have stepped into the era of precise and personalized comprehensive whole-course management, significantly improving patients survival and quality of life.

In order to further improve diagnosis and treatment technology of urological tumor in our province, to provide patients with a higher level of high-quality diagnostic and treatment services, International Department of Hainan Cancer Hospital - Hainan Chengmei Hospital invited the domestic well-known urology expert Professor Ye Xiongjun to be visiting on the morning of August 20, which will be accessible for 20 people, make an appointment quickly!

Consultation Information


Visiting time

September 16, 8:00 a.m.-12:00


Location of visit

VIP Second Consultation Area, Floor 1, Hainan Chengmei Hospital


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