【Famous Doctor Consultation】Multidisciplinary Team Leaded by Famous Lung Cancer Specialist Professor Wang Changli Will Be Visiting on September 22

Release time:2023-09-15
Lung cancer, one of the fastest growing malignant tumors in terms of incidence and mortality, poses the greatest threat to human health and life.

In order to let the public enjoy high-level medical service at home, Hainan Cancer Hospital and Hainan Chengmei Hospital invited Professor Wang Changli, famous lung cancer expert, and his multidisciplinary team from the Thoracic Cancer Center to visit our hospital on the morning of September 22 (Friday), so please be ware to make your appointment quickly!

Professor Wang Changli

Professor Wang Changli is the former Vice President of Tianjin Cancer Hospital, former chairman of the Lung Cancer Professional Committee of the Chinese Anti-Cancer Association, and currently Vice Chairman of the Capacity Building and Continuing Education Tumor Special Committee of the National Health Commission, Vice Chairman of the non-small cell lung Cancer Expert Committee of the Chinese Society of Clinical Oncology (CSCO), and Chairman of the Lung Cancer Professional Committee of the Tianjin Anti-Cancer Association, Director of Tianjin Lung Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Center, Director of the Department of Surgery of Tianjin Medical University Cancer Hospital, Director of the Academic Committee of Hainan Cancer Hospital, and Special director of the Thoracic Cancer Center.

Professor Wang Changli has been engaged in the clinical work, teaching and scientific research of thoracic cancer for 40 years. He is the leader of the national key specialty thoracic surgery discipline, focusing on the early diagnosis, surgical treatment, comprehensive treatment of lung cancer and basic and clinical research related to lung cancer. He is good at dealing with various complicated and difficult thoracic malignant tumor operations and has been carrying out continuous and systematic research on lymph node dissection in lung cancer surgery for many years, which has significantly improved the cure rate of lung cancer after surgery.

With excellent surgical skills, Professor Wang Changli took the lead in carrying out artificial intelligence assisted therapy technology (minimally invasive surgical treatment of lung cancer on Da Vinci surgical robot platform) in Tianjin, opening up a new field of surgical treatment of lung cancer. In 2020, the domestic Da Vinci Surgical Robot clinical Surgery Teaching Demonstration Center for lung cancer surgery was established, which opens to more than 30 provinces and cities in China. Online live broadcast of standard robotic minimally invasive surgery and thoracoscopic surgery demonstration for lung cancer were held several times a year, which plays an important role in promoting minimally invasive surgical treatment technology for lung cancer in our country.

Visiting time

September 22, 8:30 am - 11:30

Location of visit

Multidisciplinary Thoracic Oncology Clinic on the first floor of Hainan Cancer Hospital

Appointment Method

Phone appointments: +86-96398 or +86-898-36379999

Online appointment:

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Thoracic Oncology Center

At present, multidisciplinary collaboration is the new trend of standardized diagnosis and treatment of tumor. Oriented by clinical needs, Hainan Cancer Hospital has integrated resources multidisciplinary experts of thoracic surgery, medical oncology, radiotherapy, respiratory medicine, gastroenterology, medical imaging, pathology, traditional Chinese medicine, rehabilitation and specialized nursing to build a Thoracic Tumor Center with strong discipline strength and excellent medical technology in the province, with Professor Wang Changli as the Director of the center.

There is a small pulmonary nodules clinic and a multidisciplinary thoracic cancer clinic settled in Thoracic Chest Cancer Center. As the discipline leader of the center, Professor Wang Changli advocates the treatment concept of "minimally invasive surgery and precise internal medicine". He regularly organizes case consultation, teaching rounds, and surgical guidance of MDT (Multidisciplinary Team) for lung cancer through "hands-on teaching". The concept of standardized diagnosis and treatment is practiced in every link and detail of diagnosis and treatment, creating an excellent "model" of multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment in Hainan.